Enhancing Productivity
with DQMS

With our dedicated DQMS,
we will always provide a solution
to your problems.

Experts in
Induction Hardening

We have mastered the art of Induction Hardening,
thus ensuring the preciseness of our products
and machinery.

Specialists in Manufacturing
Transmissions Shafts

We are experts in transmission shafts thus
ensuring your vehicle will always have the power
and performance.

Received the prestigious
CII AWARD for 3 consecutive years

We have been awarded the CII award
for our case studies in
“Productivity”, “Quality” and “Energy & Cost Savings”.

20+ Years of

Dedicated Team of Engineers and Professionals having 20+ years of combined professional and Industry experience.


Blend of an experienced and young team in handling Multinational Companies.

Expertise in varied

Our Core team provides cutting edge in Production, Maintenance and Quality.

Safety and Preciseness

We ensure that our customer’s choices are always precise and accurate!

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About Us

Sarang Autoparts was established in the year 1997. We are acknowledged specialists in manufacturing Transmission Shafts, and we also engineer Induction Hardening Processes for top OEMs in India.

Sarang Autoparts manufactures a wide range of high performance and safety-critical components for the tractor industry, farm equipment manufacturers, shredding machine manufacturers and gearbox manufacturers.

We are an organization manned by qualified and highly skilled people with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, heat treatment and international levels of quality control.

Our facilities

Induction Hardening

Continuous hardening and tempering machine

Gear hobbing

Spline rolling

CNC Turning

SPM machines (Boring and Milling)

Our Products